Help I've lost all my data!

Fear not, their are two common reasons for this.

1, App recently updated

In some rare cases the logs no longer display after updating to the latest version. This is a one-time issue and once corrected should not happen again.

  1. Go the the Settings screen found under the More tab
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press the Send Debug Report button so I can see if I need to fix the issue your seeing
  3. Restart Baby Feed Timer using the short guide below
  • pre iPhone X

    1. Double tap your iPhone's/iPad's home button
    2. Flick Baby Feed Timer off the top of the screen to force close it
    3. Open Baby Feed Timer again and all your logs should now be there again

    iPhone X

    1. Slide the home button up to the middle of the screen until the App switcher screen appears
    2. Lightly hold your finger on the picture of Baby Feed Timer until a red no entry sign appears in the top left
    3. Press the no entry symbol in the top left to force close Baby Feed Timer
    4. Open Baby Feed Timer again and all your logs should now be there again

2, Accidentally registering a second child

  • On the timer screen there is section at the top with your baby's details. If you try swiping this to the left or right you will probably see that there is another child's details registered.
  • Once you switch back to your actual child's details you will see all your data again.
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