How do I connect to a different Sync account?

If you have connected to the wrong sync account, the quickest way to be able to connect to the correct account is to do the following:

  1. Delete Baby Feed Timer from your device.
  2. Download it again for free from the AppStore or Google Play Store.
  3. Once Baby Feed Timer is downloaded you can use the 'Login to Account' option in the 'My Account' screen, which is found under the 'More' tab, to connect to the correct account.


Extra Step for Android M and above

Android M and above automatically backs up app data. This data will be restored when you re-download Baby Feed Timer. To stop this from happening, and logging you back into your old account, you need to remove this backup data.

  • You can see a list of app backups in the Google Drive Android app via its navigation drawer under Settings > Backup and reset > App data.
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